Seasons to visit Bhutan

Spring – March | April | May

In spring when the mountains are aflame with red, pink, white and yellowish rhododendrons, bird watchers come from all over the world for a chance to spot very rare Himalayan birds. In spring, the trees sprout new leaves, flowers bloom, farmers begin planting seeds again and nomads begin to move their yaks to the Highlands. Paro Tshechu one of the most famous festivities in honour of Guru Rinpoche (Padma Shambvawa) takes place during this season. During this season, views are clear of and in the Himalayas for trekking and it is the right time to plan for a lifelong memorable and breathe taking adventure trip it your season of perennial happiness.

Summer – June | July | August

Monsoon rains may seem daunting in the summer months, but it is also when the rivers and lakes are refilled and charged. This makes white water rafting and kayaking a more fun especially along the River Punatshangchu in the Punakha valley. Mountain views become delightfully cloaked in clouds, as a painter’s refined dream, like the classic Chinese paintings. It is also a good time to see many wild flowers blooming in the forests and listen to the birds chirping, making a perfect time and moment to see the new meaning of life with contemplation and reflection through practice yoga and meditation.

Autumn – September | October | November

Autumn is the most beautiful season bringing deep understanding to impermanence with shedding of paling leaves of robust trees and plants, claiming as a time for relaxation and enjoying the true relationship with nature. The colourful autumn fills the air with love and make romance come alive for honeymooners. Great Festivals of Tsechus come alive at every village and districts , farmers starts the harvest with joy and happiness.

Winter – December | January | February

Winter has its moments. The days are full of sunshine while evenings can turn chilly. Soft turfs of clouds drape lazily over mountain tops as if waiting for new life to blow it across the landscape.  Winter in Bhutan gives one a clear view of the world’s highest Himalayan mountain ranges covered in snow.